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Mt Gladwish via Top Dingle Hut, Hawea Conservation Park

Gaining height above Dingle Burn Valley, en route to Mt Gladwish. The Huxley Range is in the background. Photo: Jakub Cejpek
Total Ascent
Ahuriri Base Hut to Top Dingle Hut, 3hr; Top Dingle Hut to Mt Gladwish, 4-5hr; Mt Gladwish to Ahuriri Base Hut via Birchwood, 4-5hr
Ahuriri Base Hut ($5, six bunks); Top Dingle Hut ($5, six bunks)
From Ahuriri Base Hut, on Birchwood Road
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The Dingleburn Route from Ahuriri Base Hut is well marked and leads steeply to a ridgeline that forms an outlier to the Huxley Range.

At the 1450m ridgeline, follow the snow poles into the Dingle Burn and to Top Dingle Hut. There’s a good fireplace which will have the hut warmed up in no time.

To climb Mt Gladwish, 1861m, follow the Dingle Burn Valley Track downstream of the hut to the spur coming off Pt1719 and asedn this. It should be easy going. After regaining the ridge, we carry on south along the tussocky tops. Progress will be rewarded with ever more extensive views, especially into the picturesque Dingle Burn.

After summiting Gladwish, you could retrace your steps back along the ridge to the Dingleburn Route, or descend the eastern spur of Gladwish to Birchwood shelter. To do the latter, follow an old fence line down the steep terrain. Before long, you’ll arrive in the Ahuriri Valley with a final stretch along the road back to your vehicle.