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Lake Morgan Hut Loop, Greymouth Stewardship Land

Lake Morgan Hut. Photo: Hannah McGregor
Greymouth Stewardship Land
3-4 days
Jacko Flat Hut (basic, 6 bunks); Top Crooked Hut (basic, 4 bunks); Lake Morgan Hut (basic, 6 bunks)
The Crooked River is just south of Lake Brunner (Moana) on the West Coast. Park on the Lake Brunner/ Rotomanu Road junction and walk up the gravel road. The track starts on the true left of the Crooked next to the old bridge piles
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The Crooked River is tucked away on the West Coast, near Greymouth. Its tracks and huts see few visitors and make a good place to escape for a while. Note that this trip should not be taken lightly. In rain the rivers and streams can become impassable.

From Crooked River Reserve, the track heads up the Crooked River to Jacko Flat Hut – at times dropping into gorges where the river is squeezed between bands of schist. The trail from Jacko Flat Hut to Top Crooked Hut is marked and easy travel. The upper valley is broad, the river flows gently between inviting green pools – a contrast to the rugged lower Crooked River. Top Crooked Hut is perched on a river terrace and is a basic four bunker with a striking mountain backdrop and is well worth the long walk in.

The next section of track, heading up to Lake Morgan is steep. From Lake Morgan Hut continue along the tops, sidling Mt O,Shanessy (1462m) and along the overgrown track that takes in Pt1251, just south of Bryn O’Lyn Peak. At the bottom of the ridge is a track next to spot height 422. Follow this to the Crooked Road end. An alternate route along the tops above Morgan River is also possible. From Mt O’Shanessy, head west over Pts 1375, 1250, 1330 and 1231. Some route finding skills required.