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John Reid Hut via Kiwi Saddle Hut, Kahurangi National Park

The six bunk John Reid Hut sits at the bush-edge on the Arthur Range. Photo: Pat Barrett
Total Ascent
2 days
Kiwi Saddle Hut ($5, 6 bunks); John Reid Hut ($5, 6 bunks)
From Wangapeka River Road
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The six-bunk John Reid Hut lies on a south-facing bench, at the bush edge on the flanks of the spectacularArthur Range in Kahurangi National Park.

At an altitude of 1250m, it has an unobstructed view of the Wangapeka catchment and, notably, the Mt Owen Massif – a stunning assortment of grey summits jutting above the Rolling River Valley like a series of gun turrets, primed and ready to fire.

Up the Wangapeka, where a footbridge crosses the river, Kiwi Track heads up Kiwi Stream. Long and slow, this route first climbs to Kiwi Saddle and its resident hut where a night could be spent at this delightful bush edge hut with great views of Mt Luna. East of the hut, the track climbs to the Arthur Range.

Where the bush edge is reached, a short scramble leads directly south to the top of Mt Patriarch (1701m), and perhaps the best viewpoint in this section of Kahurangi National Park. The main ridge continues on along the range crest, intersecting with the top of the Gibbs Track and route, to gain the hut.