Tableland: The history behind Mt Arthur


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Tableland is the story of the area behind Mt Arthur on the eastern side of Kahurangi National Park, and of the explorers, graziers, miners, hunters and trampers, as well as many others who lived and worked in this much loved area of backcountry. Beautifully illustrated with the photography of the author, Ray Salisbury, as well as historical material and photos.


Generations of Nelsonians have lived in sight of the Arthur Range on the western border of the Nelson district. But few of them know the stories that were played out on the Tableland, the high tussock plateau behind Mt Arthur, in the adjacent Cobb Valley or in the ranges and valleys beyond.

Explored by surveyors, farmed by the early pioneers, prospected by goldminers, loved by trampers, hunters and cavers, and cared for by Forest Service rangers, DOC staff and conservationists, this is the story of a much-loved part of New Zealand’s backcountry.

The chapters in Tableland reflect its diverse land usage, from grazing and gold mining, asbestos mining to hydroelectric power generation, but as well, tell the history of the characters who have worked, lived and played here. Beautifully illustrated with the author’s photography, as well as a wide range of historic material and photos, this will be a book treasured by those with a connection to this area.

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