August 2020

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In the August 2020 issue


16 Rumble in the jungle 

Snorers are everybody’s worst nightmare – even their own

30 Peak-hopping in the Richmonds

A winter traverse of the storied Alpine Route in Mt Richmond Forest Park

42 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Outdoor gear for outdoor dads

44 How scary is Waiau Pass

It’s the second-highest point on the Te Araroa Trail and the thought of Waiau Pass scares many trampers

48 My own tramping club

How to introduce friends to tramping in a way that makes them want to keep doing it


20 See more… wetlands

Five intriguing walks that explore unique wetland ecosystems

22 In the shadow of Ngauruhoe

Oturere Hut, Tongariro National Park

24 No better vantage

Mt Brown Hut, Lake Kaniere Scenic Reserve

26 Beach to beach on the Tutukaka Coast

Matapouri Headland Track, Otito Scenic Reserve

27 Winter beauty

Mt Bealey, Arthur’s Pass National Park

28 Water Race Wonder

Pupu Hydro Walkway, Takaka

29 Revitalised Renata

Renata Hut via Akatarawa Saddle, Tararua Forest Park

36 For the love of gold

The Remutaka Rail Trail is an easy mountain bike ride along a feat of railway engineering


60 Getting above the clouds

How to predict dramatic temperature inversions

61 Read the map before you tramp

How studying a map will prepare you for the reality on the ground

62 Wild Cuisine

Sushi salad

63 Lightweight insulation heavyweights

Three layering items that deliver on warmth


12 Online maps

Five online maps that will transform your next trip

64 What’s in my pack

Bikepacker Bryce Lorcet shows us what he takes on his trips

65 Wild review

Which flask keeps drinks hot for longest

66 Wild review

Insulated jackets for snug warmth and active pursuits

68 Wild Gear

2020’s best alpine tents


4 Editorial

6 Pigeon post
Letters to the editor

8 Last weekend
What did you get up to last weekend?

10 Walkshorts
News from the wild

14 Wild people

Two Kiwi filmmakers documenting their tramping experiences on YouTube

18 Near miss

A fall down a bank leads to a nasty head wound and a chopper ride out

74 Track Chat

An ankle injury cut Larry Blair’s Te Araroa journey short, so he got on his bike and rode the trail

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