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Fjallraven Vidda Pro

Fjallraven Vidda Pro, $285



Our Rating:

At a glance
Plusses: Stacked with features, durable, waterproof (if waxed)
Minusses: Heavy, lack of stretch and tight fit limit movement, some pockets are impractical

Weight: 590g (m), 540g (w)

Features: Made from G-1000 cotton-polyester blend canvas and with double layering on the knees and bum, these pants are sturdily constructed. The elasticated ankle with dome buttons allows them to be cinched around boots to keep debris out. 

There’s a lot of pockets – six in total, including a hatchet holster – but the pockets on the upper-thighs are too tight to be useful and, for me, sit directly on my hips so anything I had in them ended up digging into my bones. There’s also pockets at the knee for inserting pads. 

Fit: The pants come in a regular fit, but both the waist and crotch are narrow fitting. Because the fabric is so strong, there’s no stretch and I found it a tad uncomfortable with my oversized tramper’s thighs and glutes, especially when sitting down. 

Comfort: Apart from tightness when sitting, these trousers are otherwise comfortable. Their canvas construction, stiffness and lack of breathability make them better suited to moderate exercise or for use during the colder parts of the year. 

In use: The canvas used – its weight and lack of water resistance – possibly make these trousers better for a bushman or hunter than a tramper. I would also recommend them to tradesmen due to their durability, knee pad slots and the number of pockets. A quaint and environmentally friendly touch is that Fjallraven supplies a bar of Greenland wax which it recommends to be rubbed into the pants to make them waterproof. 

Value: The price reflects the care that has gone into the design, and the fact that this product is built to last. Given its versatility, the question of whether it represents good value will depend on how many uses it is put to. 

Verdict: Fjallraven gear is built around an ethos of durability and reliability. If you are looking for trousers packed with pockets that’ll last for years, then the Vidda Pro trousers are a good option – just be sure to get the correct size.