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Review: Deluxe Double Mat

Macpac Deluxe Double Mat $349.99
Used by: Sleep investing deputy editor Matthew Cattin
Used for: Four months

There is little to love about air beds. Yes, they’re convenient and comfortable, but that’s where the list of pros deflates in a hiss of stale air. They’re cold, noisy, time-consuming to inflate, prone to developing ‘tumours’, and after a season’s use, they have more holes than a golf course.

Tired of replacing defunct airbeds, I decided to invest in a (hopefully) lasting product – Macpac’s Deluxe Double Mat. Even with Macpac’s club discount, this swanky mattress puts a dent in the wallet, but I justified that the environmental cost of replacing air beds every time they fail makes it a sound investment – if it lasts 20 years, it will have more than paid for itself.

In terms of comfort, it’s already returned a profit – this bed is lush. When my tent is up, I unroll the mattress, open its two valves and then continue my unpacking. In five minutes, it’s fully inflated – no noisy whines of electric pumps or squeaky foot pumps required.

The foam inner is incredibly comfortable, even with the valves open – meaning in the event of a puncture, it will provide enough padding for a good night’s sleep. Another benefit of the foam is you don’t need any insulation from below, as with airbeds. Even on cold ground, this mattress remains warm and what’s more – it’s completely silent.

I’ve used this mattress on multiple camping trips, as a spare bed for visitors, and as my main bed while moving flats, and I can honestly say it’s indistinguishable to a bed. At 6kg, this one is strictly for car camping trips but if it has a fault, I’m yet to find it.

Verdict: A convenient and comfortable camping mattress, well worth the investment

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