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Poshing up the porridge

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Luxury porridge you might expect to find at a fancy restaurant is as easy as pie to make in the backcountry.

Porridge is a light and quick option for a tramping breakfast, but it needn’t be plain. It also doesn’t require a billy – it can be made straight into your bowl, saving you the unpleasant task of cleaning a burnt porridge pot. Here are some easy steps to making the perfect posh porridge.

Make your base
At home, make your base according to what you like. Any mixture of oats, milk/coconut powder, coconut, sliced almonds, chia seeds, protein powder
or brown sugar works well. The oats don’t need to be the instant or quick-cooking variety; regular rolled oats are fine, but avoid whole grain oats if you want a creamy porridge. Half a cup, or 45g, of oats is an average serve but the average tramper will need more. Play around with what works for you.

Choose your topping
Flavours are only limited by your imagination and taste buds, but these combinations work well:

  • Dried apricot and dark chocolate
  • Date, toasted almonds and cardamom
  • Figs and toasted coconut
  • Freeze-dried raspberries, white chocolate and crumbled Krispies
  • Dried apple, raisin and cinnamon

The ratio of topping to oats will depend on your own personal preference and your required level of poshness.

Mix and wait
On your tramp, tip the oat base into your bowl, add boiling water (you will need more water than you realise) and stir well. Let it sit for a while (about the time it takes to brew your coffee).

Toppings can be added before or after the water depending on what you have and how you like it. Dried fruit is better added before the water, so it has time to sit and become plump and juicy. Crunchy toppings are best added after. If you mix in chocolate before the water, the whole porridge will become chocolate flavoured – if you add it afterwards, there will be molten lumps of chocolate as it slowly melts once you stir it in.

The final step is to open the tetra-pack of cream and divide it between your porridge and your coffee.