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Our new website changes explained

The article counter let's you know how many free articles you can read this month.
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It’s been exactly 11 months since we launched the revamped Wilderness website. We thought it time for a few changes – for the better.

Until today, we’ve locked most of the content behind a hard paywall, which disappointed some of our social media followers who could not tell if an article they clicked is for subscribers only or not.

So now we’ve switched to a metered paywall. Every visitor to the site, who is not already a subscriber, can view any three articles they like each calendar month. Subscribers aren’t affected and will still get access to the whole shebang – more than five years of articles, trips and gear reviews. This change means non-subscribers can manage which articles they view – it’s in your hands, not ours.

When you visit the site, you’ll notice an article counter at the bottom left of the screen (it’s not showing here because we disable it on certain stories).

Once you’ve read your three free articles, you can register for a further three articles.

Our second change it to make it easier for you to browse the website. You’ll notice as you scroll down the page, a banner appears at the top showing more articles from the section you’re in. If you’re reading an Off the Beaten Track story, you’ll see other OTBT stories appear here.

This allows you to easily browse the articles you’re most interested in without having to keep pressing the back button. This is what it looks like:

The ‘More articles’ banner appears as you scroll down the page.

The final change we’ve made is to add an embedded topo map to our trips, with the route of the trip overlaid (thanks to the guys at topomap.co.nz for making this possible). We hope you agree this is a very handy and cool feature. You can see what it looks like below, showing the route to Top Maropea Hut, or check it out on any of our other trips here.

That’s it for now – if you find you’re eating up your free allocation of articles each month, you can choose a subscription option here (it’s cheap, from just $5.95/month for a digital subscription!), or, if you’re already a subscriber and you need help signing in, please call us on 09 570 2658 or email: subscribe@lifestylepublishing.co.nz.