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It’s been four weeks and I’m already seeing the benefits of Walk1200km

First 100km done and a nice dram of Highland Park 12yo ti celebrate.

On a recent walk, I had something of a revelation. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I wasn’t feeling the least bit out of breath.

About four weeks ago, I was walking the same route and I was trying to do a video recording to introduce people to the challenge. But when I played back the video, I found that even though I didn’t feel overly puffed, I wasn’t able to talk without taking huge gulps of air between sentences.

I was shocked. I don’t consider myself unfit, but here was incontrovertible proof showing just how unfit I had allowed myself to become. 

But last weekend, I was most of the way through my walk when I realised I felt good. Better than good, I felt great because I wasn’t huffing and puffing anymore.

Getting fitter is one incredible and visible change that’s happened to me in the few weeks since starting the Walk1200km challenge. I can’t wait to see what’s next and, if you’re of a mind, please tell me how the challenge is changing you for the good; I really want to know. Email me.

I’ve also found it really gratifying to see the progress of other participants in the challenge, many of whom have clocked up their first 100km. See the Walk1200km Facebook group to see how others are going. It’s been really inspiring and definitely encourgaed me through my first 100km – see my progress tracker above, I had hoped to go the cinema and watch the new Bond or Dune movie but lockdown life in Auckland dosn’t allow it just yet, so I found the next best thing: a dram of one of Scotland’s finest (in this case 12yo Highland Park). 

If you haven’t decided to take on the Walk1200km challenge just yet, don’t worry as there is plenty of time – in fact, there’s no deadline at all. Start when you’re ready and try to walk 1200km over the following 12 months. I would say, one benefit of registering and starting sooner, rather than later, is that you’ll have more opportunities to win prizes from our partners. We’ll be announcig the first prizes: Salewa footwear, Panasonic cameras, vouchers for outdoor gear – in the next week. Register here to be kept in the loop. 

In the meantime, why not read some of the content we’ve published about the benefits of doing the Walk1200km challenge and to hear from others doing it.