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Girdlestone via Mitre Peak - FREE!
The trail to Mitre Flats Hut only gains 70m but with plenty of ups and...
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Length: 13.7km to Girdlestone
Time: Two days return
Grade: Moderate
Mid King Bivouac
The well-trodden track from Holdsworth car park begins easily, with the...
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Length: 29.5km
Time: 3 days
Grade: Moderate
Dundas Hut
The trip begins by heading into the headwaters of the Mangatainoka River...
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Length: 24.6km
Time: 2 days
Grade: Moderate
Broken Axe Pinnacles
A trip over the scenic stretch of Tararua ridgeline encompassing the...
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Length: 25.8km
Time: 10-14hr
Grade: Moderate
Dorset Ridge Hut
Getting to the hard-to-reach and seldom-visited Dorset Ridge Hut requires...
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Length: 15.8km
Time: 2-3 days
Grade: Difficult
Jans Hut
Jans Hut is the perfect place to go if you have young children and you...
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Length: 12.3km
Time: 2.5hr
Grade: Easy
Renata Ridge
Renata Ridge is a long bush-clad ridge reaching from the tussock tops of...
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Length: 40.5km
Time: 2-3 days
Grade: Moderate
Blue Range Hut
Blue Range Hut was built by the Masterton Tramping Club over two years in...
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Length: 3.59km
Time: 2-3hr
Grade: Easy
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