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Waitawheta Hut via Waiorongomai Valley
Waitawheta Hut is understandably the most popular overnight stop in the...
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Length: 24.4km
Time: 11-12hr
Grade: Moderate
Dalys Clearing Loop Track
Walking the track in reverse of the suggested route is recommended, as...
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Length: 8.68km
Time: 3.5-4hr
Grade: Easy
Aniwaniwa Falls
In the north-eastern corner of Lake Waikaremoana, in Te Urewera National...
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Length: 200-300m
Time: 15-60min
Grade: Easy
Te Aroha via service road
Established around the Te Aroha Domain and its hot springs, the town of Te...
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Length: 11.6km
Time: 3-4hr
Grade: Moderate
Tarawera Trail
From the car park, the track descends the Wairoa Valley to the lake shore....
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Length: 12.3km
Time: 4-5hr
Grade: Easy
Hamurana Springs Walk
Noted as the deepest natural spring in the North Island, Hamurana Springs,...
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Length: 888m
Time: 30-40 minutes
Grade: Easy
Midway Hut
It's just a three-hour walk up the Horomanga River to Midway Hut. It's an...
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Length: 7km
Time: 2.5-3.5hr
Grade: Easy
Te Tapahoro Bay via Tarawera Falls
From the track start it's a 20 minute walk through native bush to reach...
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Length: 4.15km
Time: 4hr return
Grade: Easy
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